“To the Cities of the World” – Herbert Grünsteidl in Vienna

Sogetsu Magazine 2020 Autumn No. 346
The 25th article of the series “To the Cities of the World”

[Profile] Herbert Grünsteidl
(2nd Grade Teacher Sanyo)
Started to learn ikebana in 1986 at a community college in the area and studied under Sachiko Schmid. Herbert became the leader of Sogetsu Vienna Study Group in 2014 and the first Vienna Branch Director in 2019 with the promotion of the Study Group to a branch. The branch invites Master Instructor Sumura Eiko sensei from the Tokyo HQ three times since 2013 for the workshops held in Vienna. As for his personal activities, he teaches as the community college and has displayed his work at the Vienna Internationa Center since 2014 on the Atomic Bomb Day. Last year he arranged at the Japanese Embassy on the visit of Princess Kako of Akishino to Austria, and also had a live performance of creating an installation at the Vienna Boy`s Choir Ball.
P. 63 jap/83 engl
Flowers soothe our mind and liberate ourselves
The COVID-19 pademic has attacked Austria without exception claiming the lives of many. The Vienna Branch was obliged to cancel all the classes, workshops and even the exhibition.
Ikebana, form me, is a means to express my inner world. We still cannot tell how much more the pandemic is likely to spread, but I will stand firm in my belief that someday I will be able to have peace of mind and liberate myself through ikebana.
P. 63 jap/83 engl
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