Program of the year 2020

If not mentioned otherwise, the meetings take place in the StudioGalerie (18:00 – 20:00).

16 January 2020, 18:00

Part 1: Levels of formality shin, gyō, and sō

Ikebana on this occasion in a chosen container. The degrees of formality shin (formal), gyō (informal) und (casual) can be found as style modes in Ikebana and all traditional Japanese arts.

Ikenobō Sen’ei (ca. 1528-1579):

The natural form (shusshō) of the flower is important. … You can arrange several stems regardless of the species. But you have to take the given reception hall und the particular flower container into account.“ (cf. Ehmcke 1996, p. 108)

The student learns how to give a „natural form“ to the flowers in a formal manner („shin“) and with the right inner attitude („“). The consulting art experts were distinguished by their knowledge of the etiquette in the residences´ reception hall by the mid-sixteenth century. General criteria were the basis for the new artform. Plants and containers are classified according to their appearance: upright grown young branches/twigs in slim vases (shin), curved slanting middle-aged branches in gyō-containers, or old knotty, crooked branches in Raku-containers, or bending branches in moon- and bamboo vases ().

 13 February 2020, 18:00

Part 2: Levels of formalities shin, gyō and sō

Ikebana in a chosen container regarding the peculiar character of the species. The degrees of formality shin (formal), gyō (informal) und (casual) can be found as style modi in Ikebana and in all traditional Japanese arts.

Teshighara Sōfū (1900-1979), Principle No. 30:

„Learn the spirit of artless art. Create a work with bones, flesh and skin, understanding the different levels of formality, Shin, Gyo and So, or formal, informal and casual.“ Cf. Teshighara Sofu, „The Fifty Principles of Sōgetsu“

A work with dignified eminence has mark, bones or essence. The negation of artistic perfection („no-art“ 無 技巧) gives an evident hint on the level „“, the flexible and open mind that must be preserved. That is the form of no-form of ikebana in the „free style“ without any ostensible technique-demonstration and without any creative will:  技巧 無 技巧 (literally: “art of no-art”)

12 March 2020, 18:00 canceled due to the Covid-19 virus!

The horizontal form

Yoko-no-hana of the Ikenobo-School

Sogetsu-School variation no. 6 (Curriculum Part 2/14+15 moribana or nageire).

16 April 2020, 18:00 canceled due to the Covid-19 virus!

Floral Focus: Our plant of the month. Who can bring along some branches?

Subsequently general meeting. Election of the board members 2020-2022

7 May 2020

Visit to the exhibition „Ikenobo Ikebana Study Group Austria“
Meeting-place in the school garden of ÖGG at 17:00 (every first thursday in the month open for the public) or in the Ikebana exhibition at 18:00
Place: Siebeckstrasse 14, 1220 Wien

18 June 2020

Review and aim: Ikebana and Social Media.

Responsible for the content: Eva Dungl

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