Past Events

5 December 2019 – Ikebana in white, red and green

The last meeting of this year held on december, 5 was attended by 19 members. „Ikebana in white, red and green“ was the theme the President Eva Dungl had chosen in accordance with the pending festive season.

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18 November 2019 – Music Kyōgen „Scrooge“ (Sukuru-ji Ongaku-Kyōgen) in combination with an Ikebana-exhibition by Vienna Chapter, Museumsquartier

The music was composed by Walther Giger, performed by Kawamura Noriko (violin), Ota Tomomi (accordeon), and Shirato Fumio (double bass)

Libretto: Ancient Japanese/jōdai nihongo by Koichi Nagaya based on the novella „A Christmas Carol“ by Charles Dickens

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5 – 7 July 2019 – Japanese Summer Festival, Ikebana-demonstration by Sumura Eikou at Weltmuseum Wien

To mark the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan the Austrian-Japanese Society (ÖJG), together with the association „Weltmuseum Wien Friends“ and the Japanese Embassy organized a Japanese Summer Festival which took place from July, 5-7, 2019. It included a concert of the Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble, Kabuki-Ohayashi, koto music, songs by the Austro-Japanese friendship choir, Japanese dances, a bonsai exhibition and a demonstration of Japanese different handicraft techniques.

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Video from Oskar Streubel


18 – 19 May 2019 – Ichiyo Workshop with Corrie van der Meer-Fischer and Jeanne Rauwenhoff

For the third time I.I. Vienna Chapter invited the Master-Instructor and President of Ichiyo Chapter Netherlands, President of I.I. Chapter Netherlands #215 Corrie van der Meer-Fischer and her teacher Jeanne Rauwenhoff to hold a two-day workshop.

The participants came from Chapter Berlin #246, Chapter Germany-South #174, Ikenobo Tachibana-Kadokai, Ikenobo Ikebana Study Group Vienna, Sogetsu Vienna Study Group and last but not least from Chapter Vienna #223.

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27 April 2019 – 5th Japanese Spring Festival

The 5th. Japanese Spring Festival was opened on April, 27 2019, by H.E. Kiyoshi Koinuma, the Ambassdor of Japan to Austria. A special progamm of Ikebana hands-on activities for the public and the I.I. exhibition entitled „Ikebana with bamboo“ were a major part of this very special event which included koto musisc, dances, songs, the sword art „Iaidō“, and a tea ceremony. The exhibition was set up by a group of 7 members of Vienna Chapter #223. More than twohundred guests visited the festival.

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14 March 2019 – Workshop „Scrolling up“

The presentation of Japanese scrolls in the tokonoma, the decorative alcove of traditional Japanese homes, has developed along with traditional Japanese architecture, ink painting and calligraphy. In the 21st century, in modern homes the scrolls and Ikebana arrangements became independent of the tokonoma. The modern scrolls became even a new form of art. Merely hanging a modern scroll can represent the impression of a whole tokonoma.

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14 February 2019 – How music can inspire Ikebanists: Tango Argentino, presented by Ingrid Truttmann

Keeping with the theme „How music can inspire Ikebanists“ Ingrid Truttmann, a long-standing I.I. Member and passionate practitioner of Tango, had prepared for every participant of the February meeting a hand-out summarizing the most important information on the Tango Argentino, such as history, instruments, movements.

As Ingrid had invited her dance partner to come to the meeting, all members present had the opportunity to enjoy a live-performance of Tango, which was an unexpected and highly appreciated delight. Then under inspiring tango sounds the particpants set about creating their Ikebana, in which the elegant „Tango-colours“ red and black had to be used. Since every member had his or her own response to the theme, the results were very diverse. Creating Ikebana arrangements in connection with music was an interesting and enchanting experience for all who participated and reinforced the conviction how wonderful and rewarding Ikebana can be.

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17 January 2019 – “Jo ha kyu” 序破急

For the two first meetings in 2019 the President Eva Dungl had chosen the theme : music and Ikebana. At the January meeting she presented a fascinating introductory talk about the concept of Noh-Theatre, joha-kyū which originated in the Bugaku, the imperial dance of masks of ancient times and was adopted in the classical Japanese Noh-Theatre.

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29 – 30 September 2018 – Wabi-Seminar in der Cselley Mühle Oslip

佗 wabi bezeichnet das Karge, Unbeständige. Der bedeutende ästhetische Begriff des Zen-Buddhismus steht für materielle Leerheit mit geistigem Reichtum. Der überall beobachtbare Wandel zeigt sich an den Spuren des Sich-Verflüchtigen (Austrocknen) und am erkennbaren Niederschlag im Betagten (Jahresringe eines Baumes). Mit Ikebana wird die Schönheit des wabi erfahrbar.

Seminar geleitet von Mag. Dr. Eva Dungl und Mag. Ingrid Truttmann.

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8 July 2018 – Tanabata “Star Festival”

The associations « Weltmuseum Wien Friends » and « Austrian-Japanese Society (ÖJG Österreichisch-Japanische Gesellschaft) » with the support of « Nihonjinkai (Japanische Gesellschaft in Österreich) » invited to the Japanese Summer Festival 2018. The Tanabata ‘Star Festival´ is one of the traditional events in the series of Japanese Season Festivals held at the « Weltmuseum (Museum of Ethnology) » in the historic center of Vienna. Demonstrations and exibitions of Ikebana International Vienna Chapter are an integrative component of these very popular events.

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17 March 2018 – Japanese Season Festival – Spring Festival at Baden

If Dr. Noriko Brandl, vice-president of cultural affairs of the ÖJG (Austrian Japanese Society), summons her Japan friends, a Japanese seasonal festival is not far off. The dedicated art historian has been awarded the Cultural Prize 2017 by the Japanese Foreign Minister for the great success of her organized events promoting Japanese culture. The last one took place at Baden, a very nice town near Vienna, in spring 2018. This Chapter Report is a great opportunity to publicize the beginning and tradition of season festivals hold with Noriko Brandl in Vienna and Baden through an interview.

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12 – 14 October 2017 “60 Years Ikebana International and 50 Years in Vienna” – “From Tradition to Modern Style”

In order to commemorate the founding of Ikebana International 60 years ago and to mark the 50th Anniversary of Ikebana in Vienna, an extensive exhibition entitled “From Tradition to Modern Style“ was put together by 21 members in the wonderful, light-flooded premises of the Viennese Cultural Center WUK.

Event Photos

Mr. Oskar Streubel, the always supportive husband of the President and a specially trained photographer, shot beautiful pictures, which can be enjoyed on YouTube.


9 June 2017 – Lange Nacht der Kirchen – Ikebana in der Donaucitykirche

350.000 Besucher, davon 150.000 in Wien, nahmen in der Pfingstwoche an der 13. “Langen Nacht der Kirchen” teil. Die Donaucitykirche “Christus, Hoffnung der Welt” war mit einem reichhaltigen Programm und Ikebana vertreten. 15 Mitglieder von Ikebana International Vienna stellten 35 Arrangements in der Kirche, im Pfarrsaal und in dessen Vorraum aus. Manche hatten einen Psalm als Thema, das Ikebana beim Ambo, “Pfingstfeuer”.

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5 March 2017 – Japanese Spring Festival

Zum dritten Mal beteiligten sich Mitglieder von Ikebana International Vienna bei einem Fest der Österreichisch-Japanischen Gesellschaft in Baden. Diesmal nahmen neun Damen und Herren von I.I. an der Präsentation im “Theater am Steg” teil. Eine besondere Auszeichnung war die Anwesenheit von S.E. Kiyoshi Koinuma, des Botschafters Japans in Österreich.

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12 June 2016 – Ausstellung zum japanischen Familienfest

Die Feste der Österreichisch-Japanischen Gesellschaft mit Beteiligung von Ikebana International Vienna Chapter in der Wiener Hofburg haben schon Tradition. Elf Mitglieder und ein junger Gast gestalteten 18 Arrangements.

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6 March 2016 – Ikebana zum japanischen Frühlingsfest in Baden

Zum zweiten Mal war das “Theater am Steg” in der Kurstadt Baden bei Wien Schauplatz eines japanischen Festes. Ikebana International Vienna war mit 40 Arrangements und einem Workshop “Ikebana für Kinder” vertreten. Die zahlreichen Besucher konnten auch andere japanische Künste bewundern. Koto-Musik, Chorgesang, Kimono-Show, Tanz, Schwertkampf, Bonsai, Teezeremonie standen auf dem Programm. Origami und Kalligraphie-Workshops wurden angeboten.

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15 October 2015 – 30 Years Ikebana International Chapter Vienna #223

On October 15th the exhibition entitled “From Love of Flowers to Friendship through Flowers” was opened. It took place precisely on the day and location of the founding of the Ikebana International Vienna Chapter #223 30 years ago.

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21 June 2015 – „Japanese Summer Festival”

As the World Museum in Vienna is closed due to rebuild, this year’s traditional “Japanese Summer Festival” took place in the “Theater am Steg” in Baden near Vienna.

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20 June 2015 – Japanese Cultural Day at Andromeda-Tower

Ikebana International Vienna was invited to participate at the „Japanese Cultural Day“, which was organized by Ms. Noriko Brandl with the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna. The location was at the 24th floor of the Andromeda tower in the Vienna International Center where the scenery provided the background to the Ikebana arrangements. It was the first Japanese Cultural Day at this location. Traditional Arts were performed for the audience. Famous Japanese artists were invited to Austria.
Fuyuki Enokido presented Koto, Tomoko Maeda – Violin, Masanoshō Uno – Shamisen,
Iaidō – Seishinkan Dōjō and Seishinkan Dōjō – Tea Ceremony.
It was a surprise that 180 visitors enjoyed the Japanese art forms.

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29 – 30 May 2015 – Sogetsu Demonstration and Workshop held by Atsuko Bersma

At the last weekend of May, 29th to 30th, the Vienna Chapter, in cooperation with the Vienna Sogetsu Study Group, supported an extraordinary Ikebana event: Mrs. Atsuko Bersma, a top-level Sogetsu teacher from Belgium, gave a wonderful demonstration of her art and skill. She created 8 refined arrangements which were highly appreciated by the audience. On the following day, Mrs. Bersma conducted two workshops. Due to her kind guidance, accurate evaluations, precise and easy instructions these workshops were a great success and a fruitful and inspiring experience for all 25 participants among them 12 I.I. members.

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3 May 2015 Exhibition at the Japanese Family Day at Ephesos-Museum

Vienna Chapter was invited by the Japanese-Austrian Society to present Ikebana arrangements within the frame of the annual Family Day, which took place in the beautiful setting of the Ephesos Museum. This museum showes antique objects from ancient Greek times. The tension between old artefacts and the short-lived art of Ikebana was very interesting. Many visitors were attracted and complimented the exhibition, for which 10 Ikebana artists had set up 2 large scale arrangements and 15 smaller compositions.

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24 – 25 May 2014 – Hanakago – Workshop by Corrie van der Meer-Fischer and Jeanne Rauwenhoff (Netherland)

Arranging in Japanese flower baskets (hanakago) is a specific interscholastic subject of Ikebana. Gentle wild flowers und grasses give an impact of very fascinating naturalness und surprising facility. Different “webbings” are useful for the creation of modern baskets.

I.I. Vienna Chapter invited Ichiyo-Masters Corrie van der Meer-Fischer and Jeanne Rauwenhoff/I.I. Netherland Chapter to give us a lecture about their experiences in arranging Japanese flower baskets.

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1 March 2014 – “Hina Matsuri”

Before leaving Vienna the wife of the former Ambassador of Japan in Austria, Yūko IWATANI, presented her full set of Hina-dolls on an altar to the World Museum Vienna. This was the reason for the first Hinamatsuri (Dolls Festival) in Austria! The festival was organized by the Austrian Japanese Society (Dr. Noriko Brandl) on 1st March 2014. The program included traditional arts, origami and calligraphy workshop for the guests, chorus and dance presentations, and the exhibition of Ikebana International Vienna Chapter. For the Ikebana exhibition we chose the special topic: HAIR.

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6 – 9 June 2013 – Exhibition 初夏Shoka – „Frühsommer“: Ikebana and Haiku

The exhibition was opened by S.E. IWATANI Shigeo, ambassador of Japan in Austria.  

To make the essential idea of Ikebana and Haiku poems clear, the arts were demonstrated in a live performance. At the opening ceremony six members of the Austrian Haiku Association each stood next to an Ikebana arrangement of their own choice and in turn recited their own Haiku poems which expressed early summer 初夏 „shoka“: Paul Dinter, Mario Freingruber, Ingrid Hoffmann, Rosemarie Schulak, Petra Sela, and Traude Veran. The collection of poems, composed in the short form of Haiku poetry, were recited in both the German language and Viennese dialect. The use of dialect is surprisingly new but very up-to-date.

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16 – 17 June 2012 – Hana Kubari and Bamboo-fantasies

It was during the I.I. European Conference in Paris in October 2008 when Elisabeth Streubel (a member of the I.I. Chapter Vienna) and myself participated in a workshop given by Jeanne Rauwenhoff and Corrie van der Meer-Fischer. Since then we had the idea to ask Jeanne and Corrie to come to this beautiful city of Vienna and to give workshops to interested participants from the local Ikebana community.

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24 May 2012 – The theory of yīn and yáng, the five elements and Ikebana of the Mishō-Schule 陰陽五行思想と華道

Mr. Azuma Shigeho from Misho ryu offered us to visit Vienna to hold a Demonstration. Mrs. Dungl our Vice President had arranged this event in cooperation with the Institute of Philosophy of the Vienna University. In connection with the demonstration it was planned to have also a discussion about the philosophical background of Misho ryu / school.

In advance Mr. Azuma Shigeho prepared a presentation which was translated into German by Univ.-Doz. Dr. MMag. HASHI Hisaki and she was so kind to read the text while the arrangements were created. Mr. Azuma Shigeho was assisted by four ladies working on different traditional arrangements.

She also led the discussion that followed. The auditorium was full during performance and discussion. Our members from other Ikebana schools and the general public got a good impression of the spirit of Misho ryu.

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15 – 18 March 2012 – Exhibition: ” Wald, Baum, Mensch” – “Forest, Tree, Man”

From 15-18th March, we were invited to the museum’s exhibition: ” Wald, Baum, Mensch”. At the Museum’s request, the Vienna Chapter held it’s fourth Exhibition in the Vienna Museum for Ethnology. The exhibition was opened by H.E. IWATANI Shigeo and the Chapter President Mrs. Sachiko Schmid.

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1 May 2011 – Benefiz-Veranstaltung für Japan im Museum für Völkerkunde Wien

Benefiz-Veranstaltung für JAPAN im Museum für Völkerkunde Wien. Zehn Mitglieder von Ikebana International Vienna hatten ein „Ikebana-renga“, das heißt Blumensteckkunst in Kettenform, vorgeführt.

Die Idee eines Ikebana in dieser künstlerischen Form, an der mehrere Künstler in besonderer Weise beteiligt sind, stammt von Hiroshi Teshigahara. Ikebana-renga ist ein völlig neuer Ikebanastil, den der Großmeister (Iemoto) der Sogetsu-Schule Hiroshi Teshigahara im Jahr 2001 bei der 8. Welttagung von Ikebana International zum ersten Mal zeigte. Die jetzige Iemoto Akane Teshigahara sagt: Weil Renga von mehreren Personen arrangiert wird, erhält Ikebana von diesen auch mehrere Ausdrucksformen. Um die Harmonie dazwischen zu schaffen, muss sich jeder selbst zurücknehmen und auf das Gesteck davor und danach Rücksicht nehmen.

Der Reinerlös der Veranstaltung ging an die Bewohner von Futaba, die nach dem Erdbeben, dem Tsunami und der Atomkatastrophe aus ihrer Stadt evakuiert werden mussten.

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16 – 19 June 2011 – Exhibition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of I.I. Chapter Vienna

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the II Chapter 223 we were invited by Mrs. Chunah Urban-Chao, also member of our chapter, to hold an exhibition in her Chinese restaurant Sichuan. In the preparation meetings we decided to use the ante-room to present the 5 participating schools through classic and modern arrangements and to use an extra room for several arrangements and a “renga”-styled Ikebana of six participants. One arrangement was created by Mrs. Chao and our Vice-president Eva Dungl in the main room of the restaurant. We were also invited to use the surrounding Chinese garden where we created installations of various sizes. We worked to make our arrangements fit to the furniture and the surroundings – inside the restaurant as well as outside.

The exhibition was opened by the director of the Japanese Center for Information and Culture Mr. Tanaka Kenichiro on a pleasant summer evening. Every visitor of the restaurant had a chance to look at the arrangements and the installations and was enchanted by the beautiful surroundings enhanced by Ikebana.

Specifically Mrs. Dungl presented Ikebana to a group of visiting pupils who were so inspired by her lecture that they created an installation in the garden themselves.

This was already the third successful exhibition on this location.

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18 – 20 June 2010 – Ikebana Exhibition to calligraphies of Yu Feng and Bonsai

Three Asian Arts – Bonsai, Ikebana and Calligraphy – were presented at the theatre hall of a health resort at the 10th garden-festival in this region. The exhibition was organized by Ikebana International Vienna Chapter 223, Bonsai-Club Wien and the Chinese Master of Calligraphy, Yu Feng,  emphasizing the topic „water“.

Event Photos


9 October 2009 – IkebanaDemonstration of Iemoto Akihiro Kasuya

LOCATION: Museum für Völkerkunde (Museum of Ethnology) at the Hofburg, Heldenplatz, 1010 Vienna, Columned Hall of the museum

9 Oct 2009: Demonstration of Iemoto Akihiro Kasuya and opening ceremony

10 Oct 2009: Ichiyo-workshop with Iemoto Akihiro Kasuya, open for visitors

10-11 Oct 2009: Ikebana exhibition

On this special year of the 140th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Austria, Ikebana International Headquarters sent one of the leading ikebana headmasters of Japan and the Vienna Chapter proudly presented him: Iemoto Akihiro Kasuya.

Ikebana International was honoured by Ambassador Akio Tanaka who held the speech for the opening ceremony in which he appreciated ikebana as a highly regarded art. He especially elaborated on the life of the flowers and why we should avoid the word “arrangement” for ikebana.

The President of Ikebana International, Mrs. Itsuko Nakayama was right in announcing the aim of this special event:

We sincerely hope that we will be able to promote friendship and understanding between the people of both countries.”

In cooperation, the delegation of the board members of Ikebana International Headquarters and the members of the Vienna Chapter created the harmonious atmosphere of traditional Japanese art showing the beauty of life in one of the most beautiful places in the heart of historic Vienna. The pure tenderness of blossoms, curved lines of autumn grasses and branches awoke the pattern of marble preserved in stone to life. The ambiance of common joy supported the Ikebana artists in creating their works.

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10 – 11 October 2009 – Ikebana exhibition at Museum für Völkerkunde

The Ikebana exhibition was arranged by 11 Japanese members of the board of Ikebana International and by 14 members of the Vienna chapter. The participants from Japan showed works in Ichiyo, Ohara, and Sogetsu style and additionally Ikenobo was arranged by one of the Austrian participants.

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29 – 31 May 2009 – ”spring at the beginning of summer”

To honor the 140th anniversary of friendly relations between Japan and Austria I.I. chapter 223 held an exhibition in the column hall of the “Museum für Völkerkunde”.

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7 – 8 June 2008 – Ikebana-Weekend at Schloss Fischau with Atsuko Bersma

I.I. Vienna organized a two day Sogetsu workshop followed by an exhibition in a beautiful castle of Bad Fischau, a small village to the south of Vienna.

It was a great pleasure that Ms. Atsuko Bersma,who lives in Brussels/Belgium, accepted our Invitation to hold the workshop. The first theme was „Arranging Mass with Straight Lines“.

On the second day of the workshop the theme was „Lines sen and Space yohaku in Balance tsuriai“. There the participants had to create their ikebana in such a way that they fitted within the frames prepared by Ms. Bersma to emphasize the empty space (yohaku).

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April 2007 – 40 years of I.I. Vienna Chapter exhibition at Schloss Neugebäude

The Renaissance-palace Neugebebäude is a mannerist palace commissioned by Emperor Maximilian II. at Vienna, Simmering.

According to legend, it was built on the site where the tent of Sultan Suleyman stood during the first Turkish siege in 1529 in Vienna. From the 17th century, parts of the palace were dismantled or relocated, and the palace and gardens, which were even used as an ammunition depot from 1744, were destroyed. After 1945 it was used variously as a depot and factory building. In the 1970s Schloss Neugebäude was listed as a historical monument and finally after 2000 partially renovated.

For the anniversary “40 years of Ikebana International in Vienna”, a large exhibition was held in the Schloss Neugebäude. The exhibition was opened by Mr. Hajime Senoo, Director of the Japanese Information and Culture Center of the Japanese Embassy in Vienna and District Director Ms. Renate Angerer. During the three-day exhibition, excellently organized by Helga Komaz, over 3000 visitors enjoyed Ikebana.

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