Ikebana-instruction starts with acquiring various basic styles. In the courses for beginners the teachers usually demonstrate and explain arrangements, afterwards the students practise arrangements. Each arrangement will be discussed by the teacher proposing corrections. Thereby, the students develop a feeling for proportions and for the plants, and acquire the necessary technical faculties.

In dependence on the specific curriculum of the chosen ikebana-school, the students learn many traditional and modern styles in course of time so that a unique personal skill is developed that enables to bring about creative ikebana-sculptures. Ikebana is a Zen-path (Kado = flower-path) inviting to lifelong learning.

Ikebana International does not give lessons, but is pleased to recommend the following qualified Ikebana-teachers:

Uschi Doubek (Ikenobo-School)
Courses for beginners and advanced courses, private lessons (in German or English) in 1090 Wien, Ayrenhoffgasse 12/8
For further questions please contact uschi.doubek[@]

Herbert Grünsteidl (Sogetsu-School)
VHS Brigittenau, VHS Donaustadt
For further questions please contact herbert.gruensteidl[@] or Phone 0699/111 82 410

Helga Komaz (Sogetsu-School)
Private lessons (in German, English, or French) Shambhala-Zentrum Wien
For further questions please contact helga.komaz[@]

Andrea Scheberl (Ikenobo-School)
Courses for beginners, courses for those who resume practising ikebana & advanced courses (in German or English)
ÖGG 1220 Wien, Siebeckstrasse 14
For further questions please contact andrea.scheberl[@]

Doris Wolf (Sogetsu-School)
StudioGalerie, 1190 Wien, Hardtgasse 7
For further questions please contact doris.wolf[@] or phone 0664/200 27 56