Vienna Chapter

About Us

In Vienna Devika Trivedi, the Indian Ambassador´s wife of that time, founded in 1967 the first Ikebana group. Before returning to her country she entrusted the chairmanship to

Liselotte Walter (1972-1982).
Under the direction of Hena Goswami (1982-1985) the “Study Group” was renamed to “Chapter” of Ikebana International.
From 1985 until 1992 Hilde Wolf took over the presidency.
She was followed by Jana Böhm (1992-1996),
Susanne Peterseil (1996-1998),
Olga Adamek (1998-2000),
Doris Wolf (2000-2002),
Claudia Rupp (2002-2004),
Doris Wolf (2004-2006),
Helga Komaz (2006-2008), 
Eva Dungl (2008-2010).
Prof Sachiko Schmid (2010-2012),
Eva Dungl (2012-2014),
Elisabeth Streubel (2014-2018),
Eva Dungl (2018-2022)
and by July 2022 Elisabeth Streubel.

At the present time four Japanese Ikebana schools are represented in Austria: Ichiyo, Ikenobo, Misho-ryu and Sogetsu.

At monthly meetings the chapter members have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other and Ikebana aspirants, to make exhibitions and to participate at cultural activities, excursions and lectures. Furthermore, workshops are held in order to broaden Ikebana knowledge under the guidance of experienced teachers. Members receive three magazines a year and the newsletters „I.I. Activities“ and „Sakura News.“

In case you are interested in a membership at Ikebana International, please contact our president.

Board members

1.07.2022 – 30.06.2024

PresidentElisabeth Streubel
1. Vice-presidentMag.Dr.phil. Eva Dungl
2. Vice-presidentIlse Neumayer
3. Vice-presidentMartin Kaiser
TreasurerAndrea Mucha
SecretaryAndrea Scheberl
2. SecretaryDr. Renate Schnitzer
Corresponding S.Mag. Susanne Wolf-Widmaier
Guest RelationsMag. Ingrid Truttmann
LibraryDoris Wolf
HistorianDoris Wolf

Ikebana 25th Anniversary Volume of Chapter Vienna specimen

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chapter Vienna a special volume has been published.
If you like to buy a book (Euro 25,-),
please write to dungl[@]
In the following a specimen: Ikebana 25th Anniversary Volume of Chapter Vienna.